The largest beer festival in the world is Oktoberfest which takes place in Germany. Is a 16–18 day festival held annually in Munich,

The largest beer festival in the world is Oktoberfest which takes place in Germany. Is a 16–18 day festival held annually in Munich,

There are some other popular beer festivals that you can visit every year:
• In Belgrade, Serbia, Belgrade Beer Fest takes place every August at Usce park.
• In Brasov, Romania, a large Beer festival is held every year in October.
• In Bruges, Belgium, BAB-bierfestival, held every year in November
• In Copenhagen, Denmark, the big Copenhagen Beer Festival takes place every year in May.
• In Karlovac, Croatia, Dani piva, held every year, 10 days starting on last Friday in August
• In Kragujevac, Serbia, Sumadija Beer Open, held every year in June.
• In Plzen, Czech Republic, the biggest Czech beer festival (Pilsner Fest) is held every year in August.
• In Prilep, Republic of Macedonia, Фестивал на пивото, held every year in July.
• In Tallinn, Estonia, festival Ollesummer is held every year in July.
• In Trondheim, Norway, an Oktoberfest is held every second year during the student festival UKA.
• In Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival is held every year in September.

Festivals in Albania

The tradition of brewing beer is fairly new in Albania. The history starts in 1928, when the first brewery in the country – Birra Korça – was officially opened. It is currently the second largest brewery, producing dark ale, and blonde ale. The biggest brewery in Albania – Birra Malto Brewery was established in 1938 and the company is the owner of Birra Tirana brand. The products of Birra Korça and Birra Malto Brewery are also exported and sold in other countries, including the United States.

The annual beer festival – Korça Beer Festival – is organized by Birra Korça company and provides a great opportunity to learn more about Albanian beer traditions. Such as the serenades. These songs date back to 1930s, when Albania started to experience economic progress and Korça opened its doors for tourists from abroad. The serenades were an important part of the feasts and celebrations at that time. Eighty years later the serenades are still being sung and Korça Beer Festival provides the best opportunity to hear and learn some of them. The festival is organized in the “Rinia” Park, which is commonly considered as the most beautiful part of the city. The festival organized in August is the biggest cultural event in the region and it concludes the touristic season with a big feast, participated by locals and visitors from abroad.  The official motto of the festival is: “There is always time for a beer” and it well reflects the relaxed atmosphere of the event. If you want to taste Albanian beers check the Korça Beer Festival and when the glasses are raised up in the air do not forget to say “Gëzuar!”, which is “Cheers!” in Albanian.